Our Story

Core Values

At Secure IT Services, forgetting IT woes becomes a reality. Our team’s proactive stance ensures that IT issues are resolved before they disrupt your workflow. With a commitment to excellence, we believe in taking action before reactive measures are necessary.

Our Promise

Security isn’t just a service we offer—it’s woven into the fabric of everything we do. Your peace of mind is our highest pursuit. With Secure IT Services, you’re not just getting an IT provider—you’re partnering with guardians of your digital realm.

The Secure IT Difference

The way we work sets us apart. We don’t wait for breaks to fix; we engineer resilience into your systems. Expect unparalleled attention to detail and a service that anticipates and adapts, ensuring you rarely, if ever, need to pick up the phone.

Our Approach

We don’t wait for issues to escalate; we anticipate and resolve them. Our ethos is about proactive engagement, ensuring IT infrastructure works silently and seamlessly, allowing our clients to excel in their business without any IT interruptions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate your IT experience through steadfast security and impeccable service. We ensure that your digital operations are fortified against threats, giving you the freedom to innovate and grow with confidence.

Our Vision

We envisage a world where IT is an invisible force of empowerment, not a concern. We aim to lead businesses into a future where their technological potential is unlimited, and their operations are secure and efficient.

Omar Alsabbagh

Omar Alsabbagh


A visionary leader and NJIT alum, Omar has always been at the forefront of digital security innovation. His strategic thinking and relentless pursuit of excellence have shaped the backbone of Secure IT Services.

Ahmet Kaplan

Ahmet Kaplan


Ahmet’s expertise in network security and his keen understanding of the digital terrain make him an invaluable asset to the company and its clients. His analytical approach ensures robust and sophisticated IT solutions.